BrideClick helps advertisers in the $61 billion US wedding market reach brides digitally.

Today’s brides are digitally savvy. Brides ages 18-34 spend more than 3 hours per day online. They access bridal content from multiple sources and at all times of the day.  This has created a highly fragmented market. BrideClick offers a centralized and data-driven platform for advertisers to influence and understand brides.

BrideClick’s network of bridal bloggers, wedding websites, and mobile applications speak to a bride’s specific interests in depth, giving BrideClick more information to analyze. This gives BrideClick the advantage over single bridal sites.

BrideClick’s methodology differs from other bridal media by making use of data intelligently in order to analyze a bride’s behavior pattern and interaction across BrideClick’s network of bridal websites and mobile applications. This allows BrideClick to more effectively and efficiently place digital advertisements in front of brides.