Carolina Alvo

CAROLINA ALVO, launched in 2014, was inspired by a very personal frustration of its founder, who -at 4’9″- is a true petite. Carolina’s shopping experiences always left her feeling defeated, as if her size was an industry afterthought; clothing options were limited, unfashionable, ill-fitting, and more often than not required a trip to the tailor for much-needed adjustments.
Carolina decided that if no one was making the clothes that she needed, she was going to take matters into her own hands and make them herself! After doing research, she discovered that half the female population in the United States is petite (defined as 5’4″ & under). Her survey respondents also indicated something of significance: Petite women feel like they are not taken seriously because of their size, particularly in the workplace. Armed with all of this knowledge, Carolina set out to design the perfect first style, and Kathleen fit & flare dress was born! The┬ánext step will be offering this same cut in a variety of seasonal and classic fabrications for Spring/Summer 2015.

Petite is Powerful!