Acustom Apparel

Acustom Apparel is the first and only men’s clothing brand that produces casual and lifestyle based custom fit apparel at prices significantly lower than traditional bespoke (custom) clothing. After 2 years of R&D, Acustom opened the doors to its first digital bespoke retail store in SoHo, NY, in November 2013.  The store sells everything from traditional custom suits, shirts and tuxes to more unique products like overcoats, jeans, chinos, cords, trench coats, sweaters, shorts and polo shirts- products that are rare in the custom world.   Acustom has paired the accuracy and speed of a 3d body scanner with a proprietary algorithm that Acustom Apparel’s co-founder Charles Tse developed.  This algorithm reduces the cost of outdated, hand-drawn, pattern making practices and replaces them with a computer algorithm. Selling lifestyle products like jeans and cords allows Acustom to become more than the traditional custom suit maker, and is a leading differentiator and driver of brand for Acustom.

Acustom’s small footprint, sample-only store combines the best of the physical retail experience with the business advantages of traditional custom clothiers.  Check out the Acustom Retail Experience